"You don't need muscles to be strong" -Spark

Princess Spark

Full Name:

Spark Alexander




Kingsley Castle, Orland, Kinglsey


Elite Magician



Princess Spark (commonly known as just Spark) is the youngest princess and ruler of Kingsley. She's best friends with Princess Amii and is an ally with Rorule. King Kuzlo and Spark are enemies and so joined the Battle of Rorule and Yinter, helping Amii. Spark has straggly purple hair and hazel eyes and usually wears a black t-shirt and a black skirt. She currently lives in Kingsley Castle in Orland.


Spark has long, straggly purple hair with hazel eyes. She's usually found wearing a black skirt and a brown, leather jacket.


Princess AmiiEdit

Spark's best friend is Amii. They met during high school as they attended Border-Edge High School, a school that is located on the border between Rorule and Kingsley along with Spelt. They are usually found together with Spelt and practice magic together. Still, they are great friends and they are currently fighting Yinter together along with Dart.


Spelt and Spark are good friends, currently practicing magic together with Amii and help each other in tough times. In School, they disliked Delta because of her being mean to them.

Princess DeltaEdit

Delta and Spark are frenemies, in school they disliked each other as Delta called Spark a "Frizzy-haired freak" as she was the best magician.

King KuzloEdit

Kuzlo and Spark are enemies, as Spark hates his ways towards Elves and she believes his perspective of everything is wrong and cruel. She wishes to destroy his castle and has tried several attempts to by throwing fireballs yet she either becomes captured/spotten. When captured, she's thrown into one of the dungeons but laters escapes by setting the ropes on fire that are hanging her cuffs and runs back to her kingdom.


Spark and Robotenly-Countery are mortal enemies, as she believes his ways of transforming elves into statues is horrific and cruel.